Programs and Admission Quota for International Students

1.     修業年限 Program length:

學士班:4年 / 碩士班:1 - 4年 / 博士班:2 - 7年

Undergraduate program: 4 years / Master’s program: 1 - 4 years / Doctoral program: 2 - 7 years


2.     招生系所一覽表 List of Programs:

Courses taught entirely in English.

Students in the program can earn all credits required for graduation through courses taught in English.








招生系所 Programs




文學院 College of Liberal Arts

中國文學系 Department of Chinese Literature


歷史學系 Department of History

哲學系 Department of Philosophy




教育學院 College of Education


體育學系 Department of Physical Education


圖書資訊學系 Department of Library and Information Science



教育領導與發展研究所 Graduate Institute of Educational Leadership and Development




傳播學院 College of Communication



影像傳播學系 Department of Communication Arts



新聞傳播學系 Department of Journalism and Communication Studies



廣告傳播學系 Department of Advertising and Public Relations



大眾傳播學研究所 Graduate Institute of Mass Communication




藝術學院 College of Arts

音樂學系 Department of Music


應用美術學系 Department of Applied Arts


景觀設計學系 Department of Landscape Architecture




醫學院 College of Medicine


公共衛生學系 Department of Public Health



臨床心理學系 Department of Clinical Psychology



生物醫學暨藥學研究所 Graduate Institute of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science








招生系所 Programs




理工學院 College of Science and Engineering


數學系 Department of Mathematics


物理學系 Department of Physics

化學系 Department of Chemistry


生命科學系 Department of Life Science


資訊工程學系 Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering


電機工程學系 Department of Electrical Engineering



應用科學與工程研究所 Graduate Institute of Applied Science and Engineering




外語學院 College of Foreign Languages


英國語文學系 Department of English Language and Literature


德語語文學系 Department of German Language and Culture


法國語文學系 Department of French Language and Culture


西班牙語文學系 Department of Spanish Language and Culture


日本語文學系 Department of Japanese Language and Culture



義大利語文學系 Department of Italian Language and Culture



Linguistics Module only

跨文化研究所語言學碩士班 Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (Master's Program in Linguistics)



跨文化研究所翻譯學碩士班 Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (Master's Program in Translation and Interpretation Studies)



跨文化研究所比較文學與跨文化研究博士班 Graduate Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (Ph.D. Program in Comparative Literature and Cross-Cultural Studies)




民生學院 College of Human Ecology


餐旅管理學系 Department of Restaurant, Hotel and Institutional Management


兒童與家庭學系 Department of Child and Family Studies


食品科學系 Department of Food Science


營養科學系 Department of Nutritional Science



食品營養博士學位學程 Ph.D. Program in Nutrition and Food Sciences




織品服裝學院 College of Fashion and Textiles



品牌與時尚經營管理碩士學位學程 MA Program in Brand and Fashion Management


織品服裝學系 Department of Textiles and Clothing



博物館學研究所 Graduate Institute of Museum Studies








招生系所 Programs




法律學院 School of Law



法律學系 Department of Law (also called as Department of Jurisprudence)


財經法律學系 Department of Financial and Economic Law




管理學院 College of Management



企業管理學系 Department of Business Administration



企業管理學系管理學碩士班 Department of Business Administration (Master's Program in Management)



金融與國際企業學系 Department of Finance and International Business



會計學系 Department of Accounting


資訊管理學系 Department of Information Management



統計資訊學系 Department of Statistics and Information Science



統計資訊學系應用統計碩士班 Department of Statistics and Information Science (Master's Program in Applied Statistics)



國際經營管理碩士學位學程 MBA Program in International Management



社會企業碩士學位學程 Master's Program in Social Enterprise



商學研究所 Graduate Institute of Business Administration (Ph.D. Program)




社會科學院 College of Social Sciences


社會學系 Department of Sociology


社會工作學系 Department of Social Work


經濟學系 Department of Economics

宗教學系 Department of Religious Studies


心理學系 Department of Psychology



天主教研修學士學位學程 Bachelor’s Program in Catholic Studies